Cereal Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp (June 2018), Land Rover, The Hepworth, Wakefeild (February 2018), Levis, Sheffield (April 2018), Mr Porter, London (November 2017), Tesla, The Life House, Wales (January 2018) and These Islands (January 2017).
Linda Brownlee Mr Porter, Isle of Skye (June 2015).
Mark Peckmezian Fantastic Man, Glasgow (July 2016).
Rich Stapleton First assistant for photographer and art director, undertaking roles of digital technician, lighting and on-hand assistant. Clients include: Four Seasons (Hawaii, December 2016 & February 2017), Ken Fulk (San Francisco, May 2018), Larsson & Jennings (London, April 2016), Mr Porter (Copenhagen, March 2016 & Bristol, July 2018), Pafilia (Cyprus, October 2018), Samsung (London, September 2018), VP Bank (Singapore, April 2017, Zurich, June 2017, Luxembourg, May 2018 & Zurich, August 2018) and Zara Home (London, September 2017 & Mallaga, December 2017).

Wild Guide Scotland Published by The Wild Things Publishing in May 2017. Richard GastonDavid Boyson Cooper and Kimberley Grant are co-authors / photographers creating a travel compendium of hidden places, outdoor adventures, local food and inspiring places to stay, featuring hundreds of ideas for the adventure in the wilds and wonderlands of Scotland.

Andersen-Andersen Marketing imagery for the sailor brands social media content, Copenhagen (March 2016) & Glencoe (November 2016).
Belvedere Product shots for the vodka companies media outlets, Glencoe (December 2016).
Connolly Commissioned by consultant, Rosa Park to showcase the company's 'best of London,' London (October 2018), documenting Spencer Fung's in-store exhibition, London (October 2018), travel story covering the source of the company's leather manufacturing in Ubrique, Spain (November 2018) and portraits of consultants, Rich Stapleton and Rosa Park for editorial purposes, Bath (December 2018).
Cereal Commissioned to document the work of the conservationists at Kinloch Estate for Vol. 16, Sutherland (July 2018) and story on the One & Only Palmilla resort for Vol. 17, Mexico (November 2018).
Fare 24 hour reportage on Glasgow and the surrounding landscape, featuring Inver Restaurant, Argyll & Bute (July 2018).
Four Marketing Feature images to be showcased in the window space of their first store, 18montrose, Glasgow (September 2015).
Francis Creating a catalogue of the galleries collection, London (September 2018).
Hancock Portrait of director, Daniel Dunko for the Scotsman newspaper (April 2017).
Harris Tweed Promotional content for upcoming collaborations in 2018, Isle of Harris (September 2017).
HSBC Commissioned image for the Banks social media, Kintail (Jan 2017).
Instrmnt Campaign for watch companies first ever collection (October 2014), portrait of founders, Ross and Pete for PR purposes (June 2017), campaign for collaboration with Christopher Raeburn (October 2017), deconstructed Christmas campaign, Glasgow (November 2017) and campaign for the new T-series collection, Glasgow (July 2018).
Kafka Editorial for companies weekend newsletters, Aberdeen (October 2017).
Kestin Hare A/W16, S/S17, A/W17 & A/W18: four look books created for the companies collections, London (January 2016), Edinburgh (June 2016), Edinburgh (January 2017) and the Isle of Skye (January 2018).
Norse Projects Featured landscape image in their email subscriptions and retail asset packs, Isle of Skye (March 2013), commissioned landscape imagery for their landing page on three separate occasions (October 2016) and campaign for collaboration with Oi Polloi, Manchester (August 2018).
Studio Faculty Commissioned from Studio Faculty to showcase luggage produced by Lojel for a Christmas campaign, Copenhagen (November 2015).
Talisker Visual reportage on the companies unique makings of the world wide famous Whisky. Shot over three days in the Isle of Skye (October 2016).
Triumph Visual reportage on a collaboration with Harris Tweed about the journey from Isle of Harris to the companies HQ in Leicester, Isle of Harris (August 2018).
Vice Visual documentation of the Scottish independence referendum, Glasgow (September 2014).
Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 & Handmade 2016: Process stories of the collaboration between jewellers, Hamilton & Inches and Cora Sheibani, Edinburgh (March 2015) and architect, Glenn Sestig's collaboration with timber company, Dinesen and carpenters, Ocular, Copenhagen (April 2016).
W2 Working closely with David Mullane to produce all digital content for the stores new website, Glasgow (August 2016).

If You Leave An exhibition of 20 photographs selected and curated from +20k submissions, London (October 2014).
Sub Hub A group exhibition in Sub Clubs spring concept space with one-off workshops, events, and creative experiences, Glasgow (April 2015).
Forlader A collaborative show between myself and illustrator, Paul Hempstead, Glasgow (September 2015).
Wild Guide Scotland A launch event to showcase the release of the Wild Guide book after two years of work, Glasgow (May 2017).
Phifest Group exhibition of contemporary landscape photographers curated by Phinest, Milan (June 2017).

Å Journal Námaskarð
The Adventure Handbook: Story & Behind The Lens
Andersen-Andersen IG Editorial
Campbell Cole Simple Days
Connolly: The Western Isles & Abstract Landscape
Custom Lane Kyle House
END Clothing IG Feature
Faculty Department IG Feature
Flickr Galleries; The Explorers
Fubiz Photography & IG Feature
Freunde von Freunden IG Takeover
Gestalten: Wanderlust & Explore Scotland
Herschel Well Travelled
Huffington Post The Blog 
iGNANT: On The Road '14On The Road '16Scottish Highlands & The Poetry of Seasons
Instagram Suggested User '14 & Suggested User '16 
Kafka Coast to Country
Kestin Hare Q&A
Les Others The 9 Most Beautiful Roads In Scotland
Lomography: Interview, Exploring ScotlandAsks & Wandering Gaze
Majestic YouTube Music Artwork
Make Directory Norway
Mismo Q&A
Mr Larkin IG Feature
Norse Projects IG Feature
Oi Polloi Collaboration with Norse Projects
Rucksack Documenting The Seasons
Sidetracked Wild Guide Scotland
Suitcase Bleak Houses
This Orient Highlands of Scotland

Norse Projects Six month photography internship. Responsibilities of a lead photographer; four consecutive home page features, five major campaigns, two seasonal look books and advertorials in collaboration with Monocle, Kinfolk and The Gentlewoman. Finally, working across the newsletter, Instagram and e-commerce for Norse Store and Norse Projects. (September 2015 - March 2016).

Are We Europe A Collection of European Stories
Cereal: Vol. 16 & Vol. 17
Fare Issue 5: Glasgow 
The Gentlewoman Thirteen
If You Leave Vol. 1 - AM
Intern-Mag Issue 1
Les Others Vol. III
Monocle Vol. 10 - Issue 92
Proper Adventure Issue 2
Rucksack: Vol. 1 & Vol. 3
Suitcase Vol. 19: The Wild Issue
Wallpaper*: Handmade 2015 & Handmade 2016
Water Journal: Vol. 2 & Vol. 5

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